Life Sciences Participating Companies

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Cohort 1


Abcodia is a clinical stage company engaged in the commercial development of novel, scientifically validated tests for the early detection of cancer. The Company's first product is the ROCA® Test for the early detection of ovarian cancer. It is also expanding its pipeline of early detection technologies for lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancer.

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is a safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other by sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals. Available 24/7, Big White Wall is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. Professionally trained Wall Guides ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

Curileum Discovery

We are an emerging regenerative medicine company in London applying three decades of stem cell drug discovery and development experience to unlock a whole new range of therapeutic targets to treat serious gastrointestinal diseases. We discover and validate novel therapeutic targets by comparing the in vitro properties of stem cells from healthy and diseased intestinal tissues to reveal the triggers of cell production and new targets for intervention.

Kanteron Systems

Kanteron Systems is a privately held Healthcare IT – Biomedical Informatics company founded in 2005 that helps healthcare providers and EHR vendors manage imaging and genomic data effectively for precision medicine applications at the point of care.

With offices in New York (USA), London (UK), Lima (Peru), and European HQ in Valencia (Spain), Kanteron Systems’ solution has already been deployed over 500 times in 12 countries, at some of the world’s largest healthcare networks like MD Anderson in the USA, the NHS in the UK, Seguridad Social in Spain, ISSSTE in Mexico, or EsSalud in Peru.

Magnus Life Science

Magnus Life Science is an innovative company focused on building and nurturing biotech companies. Through its unique ‘spin in’ model, Magnus Life Science allows innovative early stage life sciences companies to thrive in a university environment by placing commercially driven scientists into direct contact with curiosity driven academics. Magnus Life Science aims to be at the vanguard of a new generation of British biotech managers and leaders that can shape the future of the industry and address the current environment where pharma is looking to identify new sources of innovation to achieve growth.


With more than fifteen years of experience in addressing unmet needs in the diagnostic and R&D markets, Microsens has developed a unique set of reagents for the study of protein aggregation diseases and for the extraction of pathogens from clinical samples. New products in the pipeline include novel vehicles for drug delivery (including cancer) and for transfection (including gene therapy).

Network Locum

We are the UK's leading online community for GP locums. Whether you are a locum looking for work or a practice seeking cover, finding it has never been easier. Our online tools ensure that locums and practices can easily matchmake themselves. And our friendly customer services team are here to help should you need them.

Safeguard BioSystems

Safeguard BioSystems is commercialising rapid, cost-effective, molecular, diagnostic technologies and tests with exceptional performance. These can be effectively used for mass surveillance and selective screening for pathogens and other agents for agriculture, food safety, genetic screening and human health applications.


We are not a pharmaceutical company, and we’re not researchers either. We’re a patient-focused technology company that connects patients and researchers to drive medical science forward. At Antidote we help you discover new treatment options being developed by medical researchers. We’re putting technology to work so that by answering a few health questions, our smart search engine quickly and easily finds a trial that’s right for you.


uMotif provides personalised digital tools that help people understand their symptoms to better manage their health. We are a team of clinicians, designers and technologists passionate about improving patients' quality of life. uMotif works globally with leading care teams, hospitals, academics and partners.


Yaqrit Limited is developing a family of liver disease diagnostics and treatments that will transform the lives of patients around the world. Death rates from liver disease are rising, in contrast to those in cancer, stroke, and heart disease. There are few treatments for patients with liver disease other than a costly transplant, and those that exist seem unable to deflect this upward trend. It is this need that Yaqrit intends to meet.

Cohort 2


Revolutionizing Mobile Health: We are dedicated to enabling users to take control of their heart health through the use of the AliveCor Mobile ECG and free AliveECG app, an innovative mobile health solution.

Ctrl Group

Ctrl Group apply a design-led research process to healthcare experiences and interventions that are effective, engaging and safe.


Diabetology Limited is an award winning biopharmaceutical company employinga proprietary oral delivery system to administerknown bioactives as well as novel compoundsto transform the treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes. Their philosophy is to form collaborations & partnerships to further key projects, and to outsource many non-core activities. Thus they are able to keep overheads low, conserving shareholders' resources.

Hypha Discovery

Hypha Discovery is a microbial technology company helping partners in pharmaceutical and agrochemical R&D succeed through the discovery and production of microbial and mammalian metabolites. We are experts in the scalable production of DMPK metabolites and generation of polar analogues, and are also a leading provider of unique natural product screening libraries and associated services. 


Imanova has world-leading expertise in imaging sciences and their application to the understanding of disease and translational drug development. An innovative joint venture, Imanova’s shareholders are the UK's Medical Research Council and three world-class London universities: Imperial College London, King’s College London and University College London.

Live Better With

We improve the day-to-day quality of life for cancer patients + their families: we offer all the recommended non-medical products + information to tackle side effects and symptoms. Since Sep 2016: 60,000+ UK users, 2000+ UK customers, 7300+ in community; US launch in Feb 2016.

Progenitor Therapeutics

Progenitor Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on discovery of molecules that regenerate tissues of the human body. The focus on drugs distinguishes Progenitor from companies that develop cell therapies and aligns its business model with big pharma.

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. The scalable, cloud-based Seven Bridges Platform empowers rapid, collaborative analysis of millions of genomes.


Therakind, a London-based, private pharmaceutical company, is focused on developing safe, effective, authorised speciality medicines. To date, two paediatric products have been successfully developed and commercialised and a portfolio of further products are under development.

Touchlight Genetics

Touchlight Genetics has developed an entirely enzymatic process of DNA synthesis that is fast, efficient and has a yield that can easily meet growing demand for DNA. Furthermore, our dbDNA™ expression cassettes eliminate the need for bacterial sequences and antibiotic resistance genes in the production of biological therapies, satisfying stated concerns from the industry’s main regulatory bodies – the FDA and EMA. Our technology thus promises to provide a near-term manufacturing solution to a key bottleneck in the production of innovative therapies.

Cohort 3


Baby2body's mission is to help create a generation of healthier babies by helping pregnant women and new mothers to live happier and healthier from baby to body. We give daily and weekly actionable and relevant, curated advice on fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and beauty - exactly when it's needed.


babylon is the UK™'s leading digital healthcare service. Its purpose is to democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth.


Digital behaviour change tech organisation focusing on lifestyle interventions.


BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence company that specializes in creating easy-to-use corporate and personal wellness solutions. Its world-class team of scientists and designers includes renowned experts in AI, machine learning, wearables, cloud solutions and theoretical


Clinical Artificial Intelligence solutions for Payers, Providers, Patients and B2B.

Doctor Care Anywhere

Doctor Care Anywhere is a new kind of health service designed for today's always-on world. Healthcare specialists with a holistic view of your needs. Who can help you manage your health. Who can talk to you in a cab or in the office. And deliver prescriptions to wherever you are in Europe.

Fundamental VR

Virtual Reality Tech and content provider in medical and training and B2B environments with a background in live events and content creation.


Raremark helps families affected by a rare disease find credible information and connections using a prioprietary platform. There are 7,000 different rare diseases, affecting 350m people globally. Raremark launched in Feb 2016 in our first communities before scaling to hundreds by 2018.