BIO-Europe International Visit

BIO-Europe is Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry. We're taking 7 Digital Health companies to meet and network with key figures from biotech, pharma and finance.

Digital health is transforming the future of healthcare. In 2014, the global market for digital health was worth £23 billion. This is expected to nearly double to £43bn by 2018. The UK is at the heart of the global digital healthcare revolution. Its domestic market - worth approximately £2bn today - makes it one of the most important.

London, part of the Golden Triangle, is a key hub for digital health innovation. As such we're taking a delegation of 7 London-based digital health companies to BIO-Europe, as part of the launch of London & Partners' Digital Health Campaign. Learn more about the campaign >>

Meet the Companies

Meet the companies heading to BIO-Europe 2016

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