Fuelled by London’s commitment to open data, Citymapper “makes dumb cities smart.” Its transport app is one of the most downloaded and acclaimed in the world, and is changing the face of transportation in global cities. “We want to focus on cities where there is demand, and where we can make a difference,” says the company. And currently it’s available in 29 cities around the world and was named the Apple Watch App of the Year 2015.

Citymapper helps people navigate their way around a big city in the most efficient way. It uses real time data to calculate estimated time of arrival, taking into account elements such as the weather or traffic. It can project the cost of a cab fare and will suggest the public transit routes that are the cheapest and fastest course to a destination.

In winning three Europa 2015 awards, the judges noted: “When you find yourself using an app like Citymapper multiple times a day, you know it is a game-changer. This is a technical team building a highly disruptive product.”

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