Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness that helps organizations protect against cyber attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand and reputational integrity. 

The company is expanding rapidly, having opened a joint headquarters in San Francisco earlier this year and has already hired around 16 US employees, taking the total headcount to nearly 60.  Having recognised the US as a key market Digital Shadows joined the Mayor of London’s trade mission to New York in early 2015.  “It was a really useful trip,” says Alastair Paterson, CEO & Co-Founder. 

“We were introduced to a bunch of interesting potential clients.  We also had the chance to present to a tech and a financial audience. I think it helped that the Mayor was present; he managed to bring people along.  There were talks on setting up in the US - the legal and logistical points to consider.  It was also useful to spend time with other founders and I’m still in touch with some people from the trip.” 

Digital Shadows is already seeing the fruits of its labour.  “We were introduced to two key financial institutions while we were there.  After six months, one opportunity has already converted and we’re in the process of getting something set up with the other one,” says Paterson.  

Digital Shadows is now looking to expand into Europe, particularly Germany and the Nordics.  South East Asia is also a market the company would like to break into at a later stage.  Speaking about internationalisation in general Paterson explains, “Our revenues were up over 4 times year on year and a lot of that was due to the expansion into the US market. It’s all down to the ambition of the company.  After all, do you want to be the world leader in your sector?”.