SVC2UK: Female Founders International Visit to Silicon Valley

Meet the female entrepreneurs heading to Silicon Valley

From 23rd to 26th May, The Mayor's International Business Programme will be leading a female delegation to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Scaling-up companies is key to stimulating economic growth in the UK and the Mayor’s International Business Programme together with SVC2UK is playing its part by supporting the growth and international expansion of a group of CEOs who are leading some of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK.

On average, the annual growth rate of these companies’ turnover is more than 230% and with this international visit to Silicon Valley, we look forward to these companies achieve the successes that they deserve in the coming years.

Caroline Plumb

Co-Founder and CEO


No of Employees: 70

FreshMinds is an award-winning insight and innovation consultancy. They help brands light the path to growth by creating, developing and optimising market-leading products and services.Founded in 2000, they are the twice winner of the industry’s Best Agency award and have also been listed as one of The Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies To Work For on 2 occasions.

Dana Denis-Smith

Founder and CEO

Obelisk Support

No of Employees: 10

Obelisk Support uses ex-City lawyers to provide quality, flexible and affordable legal support to law firms and in-house teams. Their commitment to women in the legal profession has earnt them a spot on The Times Top 50 Employers for Women in 2015. They support leading global businesses with non-advisory work that needs a thinking head approach but can be outsourced given it is project-based, repetitive or volume-driven.

Dupsy Abiola

Founder and CEO

Intern Avenue

No of Employees: 10

Intern Avenue is a hire-matching recruitment platform designed to connect the thousands of employers who collectively expend huge annual budgets sourcing and selecting from the large pool of potential student and graduate candidates ("interns"). It allows students to market themselves in a secure and private environment to the employers most likely to hire them. It also helps employers to find and differentiate quickly between candidates who match open positions and then engage with them in direct communication.

Emily Forbes



No of employees: 10

Seenit is an app and platform which helps brands and organisations co-create video with employees, fans, journalists and experts from around the world. It's a tool which makes it easy to direct and collect video from smartphones, by setting tasks within the app; the target 'crew' follow the instructions and upload video. The content arrives to a central private online studio where films can be quickly edited and distributed out to social media.

Emma Sinclair



No of Employees: 14

EnterpriseJungle build innovative enterprise software for the worlds largest corporations: Using the power of the cloud to bring together systems, process and intelligence, they deliver game changing tools for large companies that give employees and employers a competitive advantage by intelligently leveraging big data and cloud technology, with low cost of ownership and short time to live. Their suite of SaaS solutions provide business insights, in real time, that were previously unavailable - and give customers a competitive edge.

Jessica Butcher

co-Founder & Director


No of Employees: 200+

Blippar is a visual discovery app, using augmented reality and machine learning to bring the physical world to life through smartphones and wearables. Once the Blippar app is downloaded, people can blipp ("scan") objects they’re curious about and unlock content.

Kerri-Lynn Hauck



No of employees: 10

Fabric’s vision is to become the defacto tool of choice for secure,  quality and compliant mobile communications.  Fabric combines the latest encryption with leading voice codecs to provide its business users a secure communications tool that can also meet compliance and regulatory demands if required. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists and supported by industry veterans and partners that want to see Fabric scale in the global security solutions market.

Lucy Symons

co-Founder, Village Infrastructure - Public Policy Manager

Open Energi

No of Employees, Open Energi: 50

Open Energi’s unique Dynamic Demand technology aggregates energy consumption from across our customers' sites to provide a fast, flexible solution which is equivalent to a power station, as it adjusts demand up or down to meet supply. Solutions such as this means that the energy market is becoming bi-directional; creating a new energy economy where energy consumers can both take and provide service back to the grid and generate revenue.

Melissa Morris

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Network Locum

No of Employees: 34

Network Locum is an online marketplace where locums can find the jobs they need, at a rate they deserve, in an area convenient to them. GPs can find a list of locums available in their area for fast booking, copies of locum qualifications, recommendations and reviews of locums, all for half the cost of an agency with no hidden fees.

Sandra Sassow


SEaB Energy

No of Employees: 19

SEaB Energy is the premier designer and manufacturer of micro waste to energy plants, using micro anaerobic digestion at their core. SEaB are commercialising the containerised energy from waste technology in Netherlands, UK, France and USA. The technology is applicable in food and food supply chain through retail to food consumption locations in hotels, universities, office/business parks, sports, hospitals, airports, shopping and conference venues.

Sarah Kerruish

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer


No of Employees: 22

TrialReach is a free online platform that is transforming the way patients find and match to clinical trials.

Sarah McVittie



No of Employees: 15

Dressipi is changing how consumers buy clothes and make their dressing decisions. By creating a unique Fashion Fingerprint® for every customer and tagging all products with relevant metadata, we combine data and algorithms with stylists to give genuinely personalised recommendations. Ultimately, we determine and show the most appropriate products for each customer based on a number of their preferences, including taste, style, shape, size and what is relevant to them at that time.

Sophie Newton



No of Employees: 50

Brainlabs Digital is a scientific PPC agency. They have designed a unique methodology to build and optimize successful PPC campaigns. The methodology is totally data-driven and based on their experiences working at Google where they saw how the auction works. Between them they have built custom web applications to split-test website changes, managed advertisers spending $10 million/year, and even built features into Google AdWords and Analytics.

Susan Harvey



No of Employees: 37

Vocality products are created to unify communications platforms, enhance voice quality, increase video performance and improve data throughput. Today, some of the world’s most critical communications rely on Vocality. Their technology allows people, businesses and government agencies across the globe to securely connect with each other in the most unlikely of places.

Tamara Rajah

Founder and CEO

Live Better With

No of Employees: 6

Live Better With offers support that goes beyond medical treatment; together with the cancer community, they handpick products that help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life. They group all the products by how someone might be feeling (e.g., “Feeling sick” or “Can’t sleep”), so it’s very easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need.