Tech Founders on setting up in London and why they’re excited to visit Silicon Valley

Why is London a great place to start a business? Ahead of their upcoming trade mission to Silicon Valley, we asked three female founders to share why they got started in London, and why they are excited to head to the West Coast.

Why London?

’Our background combined financial compliance experts with advanced artificial intelligence. In London we could stay connected with many leading financial institutions whilst also being close enough to draw in exceptional data scientists and linguists from Cambridge!'Joanne Smith, Founder and CEO, Recordsure


’All roads eventually lead to London. It's the natural destination of innovation, investment, talent and connections. Moving to London has been one of the smartest moves we made in Shine Bid.’Anne McNamara, Founder and CEO, Shine Bid


’London is my home town and in my biased* opinion, the best city in the world! I started here because we have (in my opinion again) the best healthcare system in the world, that despite the complaints we may have about it, we all have access to health and care at our fingertips. This is ideal for a healthcare start-up like mine!’Devika Wood, Founder and Director, Vida

Pictured: Joanne Smith, Recordsure, Devika Wood, Vida, Anne McNamara, Shine Bid

What are you looking forward to most about the mission to Silicon Valley?

’The mission represents a fantastic opportunity to expand our growing international network and share ideas with some of the top thought leaders operating in the tech world!’Joanne Smith, Founder and CEO, Recordsure


’Getting to learn with smart like-minded women for a whole 5 days is the first attraction. When do you ever get to do that? Then meeting Silicon Valley's top women and emerging tech is a once in a lifetime opportunity to accelerate Shine Bid’s growth.’Anne McNamara, Founder and CEO, Shine Bid


’I am beyond excited to meet thought leaders and inspirational founders and go to the heart of where start-ups all began!’Devika Wood, Founder and Director, Vida

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