International Visit to Australia: Day 0

Alban Remy, Tech & Life Sciences Specialist for the Mayor's International Business Programme, explains what the companies will gain from this mission

As a major European hub, the digital retail and EdTech scene in London is flourishing. Technology is disrupting the way traditional industries operate and provide services to their customers.

London has a wealth of innovative and creative retail tech companies and the capital leads the way on innovation in the UK with more than 200 EdTech companies, constantly addressing the challenge faced by Education. The UK is proud to have 10 of the top 20 fastest growing EdTech companies in Europe.

Meanwhile global retailers are attracted to London, not only by the vibrant market but also to work with innovators who are constantly improving retailer interaction with customers.

This mission - which provides the opportunity for participants to scale their business and increase capital - forms a gateway to international expansion, placing London at the forefront of digital learning and retail technology.

Participating companies will enjoy a week of meetings, networking events and small roundtables resenting opportunities to scale their businesses, increase capital and be more open to investment and profitability. They will learn about best practice for global expansion strategy, explore business development opportunities and meet and network with their counterparts and corporations for the Retail Tech businesses, and local Departments of Education and schools and universities for the EdTech delegation. We will end the visit on the opening day of the EduTech show in Sydney, the largest education event in Asia-Pac and the Southern Hemisphere.

As we touch down in a scorching Dubai, I can't wait to see what long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships our scale ups will build over the next ten days.