International Visit to Australia: Meet the Companies

We are delighted to send some of the fastest growing, innovative companies in London on an Education and Retail trade delegation, to Dubai, Melbourne and Sydney.

Meet our RetailTech companies


Brightblue are a data analytics consultancy which models client’s historical sales data to unpick drivers, analysing how much is driven by media (TV, radio, digital, etc.) as well as price, promos, seasonality, economy etc. This enables clients to pull the best levers for growth, gives them justification and ROI on media, optimising marketing budgets to deliver more profit.


Dressipi is a proven leader in the fashion personalisation space, offering every woman their own digital stylist. Each customer is able to access their own personalised edit of what suits them best, advice on how to create outfits with new garments or items they already own - all in their best size.


Through our eReceipts platform we help retailers with large store estates gain visibility of their instore customers and provide digital channels through which to communicate with them. In the UK we have identified over 37m unique customers (all linked to their transactions) and have digitised in excess of 500m receipts.


Exponea is a Marketing cloud that works from day one. Our product tracks users across the funnel and automatically pushes messages to the users through various channels to maximize purchase conversations. 

Range Room

RangeRoom’s vision is to be the first fashion tech platform that puts the product at the core of everything we do. We work with both retailers and suppliers and we are one of the first B2B platforms offering solutions and new ways of working that reflect the growing speed-to-market models within retail.

Thrive Partners

We offer digital and on demand solution focussed coaching and mentoring, with real-time insights. We have a unique 30-minute method for fast results. Our aim is that users take the learning when it is needed. Our Enterprise platform allows you to book and take your internal conversations and learn from them.

Meet our EdTech companies


Decoded was founded with a mission to demystify the technologies behind the screen.  Famous for teaching anyone Code in a Day they have since expanded their education experiences to hacking, data, agile and beyond.  Decoded have taught tens of thousands of individuals across 45 different cities worldwide and have offices in London, New York and Sydney.


At the EducationalAppStore we certify educational apps, so that educators can feel confident when using mobile devices in the classroom and at home.

Equal Education

Equal Education is a social enterprise specialising in providing one to one teaching to OOHC (out of home care children) with a focus on reducing the education gap. We provide one to one tuition, through recruiting and training specialist teachers. We review the needs of individual children and provide a tailored plan to work towards improving the education outcomes of children in out of home care children.

Firefly Learning

The online tool that brings together teachers, students and parents. Set homework, track progress, share resources and engage parents.


HowNow is changing the way the world learns by letting anyone with expertise create and launch their own self-branded online school, with live virtual classrooms and interactive multimedia courses.

SAM Labs

SAM Labs' wireless blocks and drag-and-drop app allow anyone to learn the basics of programming and become an instant inventor.

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