International Visit to Europe: Berlin

14 fantastic companies will be showcasing #LondonisOpen for collaboration with Berlin

London is open to talent, business, innovation and collaboration with Berlin, Germany and the rest of the world.

Berlin and London share a common interest in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Both cities are attracting great minds and there is a growing opportunity for us to share ideas and collaborate. This can only help our talented London companies to do more business in this great city, including the technology companies joining the mission such as EarlyMetrics, Obelisk Support, Pivigo, Rocketseed, Slido and WiredScore.

London is world leading in life sciences with outstanding research centres, a rich research ecosystem, globally recognised universities and hospitals and access to fantastic talent.

Over 1,000 life sciences companies, from large multinationals such as GSK, to SMEs such as Cell Medica, are operating in London. Since 2011, £731m of venture capital has been invested into life sciences companies in London.

London stands shoulder to shoulder with other innovation clusters in terms of collaboration, tech transfer and management of intellectual property, providing an infrastructure which allows the conversion of the brightest ideas from academia into viable – and investable – businesses such as those on this mission, including Baby2Body, Deontics, Diabetology, Doctor Care Anywhere, Fundamental VR, Live Better With, Medical Realities and Stepjockey. As part of the partnership between London and Berlin, the trade mission to Berlin has been organised with close collaboration between London and Partners, the Mayor’s International Business Programme, and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. We are committed to working together in the future, helping innovators from both cities to expand their activities internationally.

See the full list of companies joining the Berlin mission leg below:


Baby2body's mission is to help create a generation of healthier babies by helping pregnant women and new mothers to live happier and healthier from baby to body. We give daily and weekly actionable and relevant, curated advice on fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and beauty - exactly when it's needed.


Clinical Artificial Intelligence solutions for Payers, Providers, Patients and B2B.


Diabetology Limited is an award winning biopharmaceutical company employinga proprietary oral delivery system to administerknown bioactives as well as novel compoundsto transform the treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes. Their philosophy is to form collaborations & partnerships to further key projects, and to outsource many non-core activities. Thus they are able to keep overheads low, conserving shareholders' resources.

Doctor Care Anywhere

Doctor Care Anywhere is a new kind of health service designed for today's always-on world. Healthcare specialists with a holistic view of your needs. Who can help you manage your health. Who can talk to you in a cab or in the office. And deliver prescriptions to wherever you are in Europe.

Early Metrics

Early Metrics is the rating agency for startups, assessing their potential of growth through the analysis of non-financial metrics. As an independent 3rd party, we bring transparency to the ecosystem, helping entrepreneurs pivot and investors and corporates evaluate risks and engage with innovation.

Fundamental VR

Virtual Reality Tech and content provider in medical and training and B2B environments with a background in live events and content creation.

Live Better With

We improve the day-to-day quality of life for cancer patients + their families: we offer all the recommended non-medical products + information to tackle side effects and symptoms. Since Sep 2016: 60,000+ UK users, 2000+ UK customers, 7300+ in community; US launch in Feb 2016.

medicalrealities logo

Medical Realities

Medical Realities utilises new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to bring first class surgical training to anybody, anywhere in the world. We developed Medical Realities, a Virtual Reality Teaching and Training platform on VR devices, the first Virtual Reality task simulator. This ground-breaking technology allows us to deliver a unique learning experience, offering students, doctors, and surgeons the ability to view and learn from actual training operations, from the viewpoint of the training surgeon

Obelisk Support

Obelisk Support is an award-winning business that pools together extremely able ex-City lawyers to provide high quality, adaptable and affordable legal support to law firms and in-house teams globally. Through its flexible business model, lawyers can be placed with clients on an interim basis, or can work remotely for the client, either on stand-by or as backup legal advisers. The business is also a leading provider of multi-lingual lawyer-led linguistic services to support our clients' legal translation and foreign document review requirements.


Pivigo is a data science marketplace and training provider based in London. Pivigo connects businesses with freelancing data scientists via the marketplace platform. Pivigo also runs Europe's largest data science training programme S2DS.


Rocketseed is a next generation Email Media solution. It transforms everyday business email (i.e. normal business correspondence done via email) from being a communication form to being an interactive marketing and CRM tool. For everyday business email, Rocketseed enhances engagement.


Slido makes audience interaction easy. We enable to crowdsource the best questions from the audience, engage the audience with live polls, and we enable organizers to easily distribute presentations to the participants.

stepjockey logo


StepJockey promotes wellness in office buildings of all types by labelling stairs for calorie burn and gamifying stair use. Using the latest near field technologies, StepJockey's unique smart signs and gamification platform enable employers to make their offices visibly healthier and more active.


WiredScore is the international platform that rates digital connectivity and technological capacity of commercial office buildings.