Meet the Companies

London’s high-growth B2B technology companies are in the vibrant cities of Mumbai and Bangalore to identify partnerships and explore business opportunities.


We are an Aviation service providing company operating out of London, Mumbai and Bangalore airport. We pride ourselves in Recruitment: connecting our clients with the most talented candidates in a diverse range of Industries. In addition we specialize in managing outsourced services which includes Meet & Assist, Portering , baggage transfer, cleaning and parking solutions. We aim to provide solution that is both innovate and creative.


Azoomee is a safe, fun and creative app where kids can access hundreds of hours of content in one secure place. Think of Azoomee as a safe digital den where kids can discover all the content they will encounter on the internet in one safe.

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Capita Healthcare Decisions

Improve clinical healthcare decisions, empower citizens to make informed healthcare decisions, connect 320 million people to right systems, information and services across the globe. Improving efficencies across businesses, transforming immediate pressures during virus or epidemic. 


GATE8 have captured the UK market with innovative and practical products for those wishing to travel and Avoid Baggage Check-In. Winning in 2014 Best New Business Award, FSB London Awards. Our strategic focus is to own the Avoid Baggage Check-In market. GATE8 has a growing global market opportunity.

Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network is the business matchmaking platform that enables high-quality decision-makers to share and connect to business opportunities worldwide.

SEaB Energy

SEaB Energy has developed the patented, award-winning Muckbuster and Flexibuster compact and easy to install micro power plants that turn food and bio-wastes into heat, electricity, water and fertiliser.

Space Syntax

Space Syntax provides an evidence-based approach to planning and design. The company€'s reputation is based on a highly creative use of technology to identify the role of spatial networks in shaping patterns of social and economic transaction as well as environmental impacts.

Tevva Motors

At Tevva, we have developed an electric range extended 7.5 ton truck for use by back to base fleets. We believe passionately in creating a solution for fleet managers, a solution that supports operations and is economical, offering a lower lifetime cost of ownership versus a diesel vehicle.

Third Space Learning

Third Space uses technology to connect a global community of online teachers to children in schools across the UK, providing live, one-to-one support for children at risk of failure.

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