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Find out more about the fantastic tech companies heading to Chicago & New York


CENTURY provides teachers with detailed insight into their students’ learning. It reduces the time spent on data entry, marking and reporting, enabling educators to make informed decisions about their students.
So far we have consulted over 200 teachers and students and we’re not stopping there – CENTURY continues to evolve based on our customers’ feedback.  We have seen fantastic results: CENTURY improves educational attainment, reduces teacher workload, and motivates students.


Cloudbanter provides monetization and intelligence for Mobile Messaging for lifestyle, financial and personalization benefits of Mobile Users, Mobile Operators and Advertisers covering SMS, Instant Messaging (IM) and Voice.

  • Creates new revenue streams and achieves return on existing investments (network infrastructure) for Mobile Operators.
  • Represents a tremendous business opportunity to maximize revenue in the mobile messaging sector for SMS, Instant Messaging and Voice with our patented IP technology and strategy across smartphones and featurephones.
  • Monetizes and unifies by dynamically inserting (using a fixed banner) advertisements and content that is personalized, unobtrusive, programmatic, real-time, preferential, privacy (opt-in), contextual, location and lifestyle focused for the user.
  • Reduces user attrition churn rates and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction plus increases revenue per user by using a B2B2C revenue share model with Mobile Operators.


Dressipi makes shopping and dressing hassle free for all women, ensuring customers find clothes they will love, buy and keep, removing the frustration of filtering through hundreds of products.
Dressipi does this by providing B2B one-to-one personalisation solutions for the fashion industry, transforming business performance by driving up revenues and delivering significant percentage point reductions in returns.
Dressipi currently works with some of the UK’s leading retailers including John Lewis, Topshop, Shop Direct and M&S and delivers real benefits for its partners, reducing returns by 5% (percentage points) and increasing revenue per customer by 30%.
Each individual customer has their own personalised algorithmic model which continually learns and evolves with them and their purchasing habits – the Fashion Fingerprint®. Dressipi’s current database is 3 million women in the UK (and growing fast).


EDITED retail technology is the industry standard for real-time analytics of pricing, assortment, demand, and competitive metrics.
Brands like Topshop, Calvin Klein and Saks Fifth Avenue use EDITED every day to make sure they have the right products, at the right price, at the right time.


EnterpriseJungle build innovative, cloud based enterprise software that transform talent, expanding the pipeline and enabling greater visibility.
The Human Capital Management software market is an exciting one, expected to reach $20bn by 2021. We build game changing tools that give employees and employers competitive advantage by intelligently leveraging big data and cloud technology in this space. In particular, EJ are transforming alumni into a compelling and competitive advantage with SAP Alumni Management, their hero product for large enterprises that expands alumni into the HR landscape and immediately transforms and expands talent supply.


Eyetease is a multi-award winning British technology company based in London.
Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Richard Corbett, the company has developed two disruptive digital media technologies for the taxi market – the iTaxitop™ and CabWifi™.
Today, Eyetease works with some of the world’s leading media companies and is investing heavily in research and development at their London-based facility to bring new and exciting products to market in the coming months.
Eyetease are proud to be the global leaders in digital location-based media systems for vehicles and are constantly looking at innovative ways to make a difference in Big Cities!Eyetease’s flagship product, The iTaxitop™, empowers brands by introducing location, time and demographic targeting to out-of-home / transit media campaigns. With the simple deployment of adverts, sent remotely via 4G, to thousands of screens within seconds, brands can now expect to enjoy much shorter production and deployment lead times.


Fixflo is a multi-award winning software company offering web-based solutions for managed rental properties across 4 continents. Fixlo’s smart repair reporting system makes the process of reporting issues easy for tenants and saves both time and money for agents and property managers. An online picture-based system, with translation into English from over 40 languages, it removes the need for lengthy phone calls. Tenants use their PC, mobile or tablet to easily report their issues or receive online guidance to assist in solving issues themselves, saving time and money for agents and landlords.
Fixflo Plus is a complete works order system, guaranteeing a seamless and largely automated repairs workflow. Repairs received through the front-end reporting system are progressed through the Fixflo Plus dashboard. With a few simple clicks, contractors are contacted for quotations, landlords or insurers are contacted for approval and tenants are kept up-to-date with the repairs process.


We are a software development company based in London. HeadChannel is a fast-growing software development company with a project team in London and programmers based in Poland. We help clients of all sizes boost business efficiency by solving their most complex software and system integration challenges. We have proven expertise in developing and implementing high quality bespoke software solutions and integrating systems across multiple sites and countries. We do this by utilising our proprietary programming framework, highly skilled workforce and low cost base to provide an exceptional return on investment.
Our product is our ability to bring your vision of software to life. Our approach is to be a reliable technical partner to our clients over a long-term relationship as their success is our success.


Networking can be challenging. The way we network and build business relationships is changing. Jambo is an award winning, location-based, mobile-first platform that enables professionals to quickly and easily connect with the business professionals they would like to meet and with who they share common interests, wherever they are in the world.Jambo puts the humanity into networking, helping to make cold connections that little bit warmer by enabling you to get to know the person you want to meet, before you meet them.  So whether you are networking locally or during a business trip, travelling or attending a conference or an event, Jambo helps you to build warmer connections and makes missed opportunities a thing of the past.

Live Better With

Live Better With offers support that goes beyond medical treatment; together with the cancer community, they handpick products that help ease symptoms and side effects, and improve the quality of day-to-day life.
They group all the products by how someone might be feeling (e.g., “Feeling sick” or “Can’t sleep”), so it’s very easy to discover all the relevant and helpful things that have worked for others with the same need.

Lost My Name

Lost My Name is a marvellously unusual, award-winning start up that plays at the intersection between storytelling and technology. Their mission is to give every grownup creative superpowers to make magical, meaningful connections with a child.
It has created both the best-selling and the most technologically advanced personalised picture books in the world, making over 1.6 million children happy in 178 countries.


Our mission is to be the best tailor-made travel company in the world. What differentiates us is that we are creating the best online user experiences that make it simple, quick and easy to build a tailor-made luxury travel itinerary instantly.
We want to match millions of people to their tailor-made holiday instantly, and in the process accomplish a lot of happy customers who are ready to become advocates and promoters of the brand. We believe that organic growth is the true growth and would like to have good word of mouth branding for the company.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith are the boutique hotel travel specialists. Today, Smith operates from offices in London, New York, LA and Singapore, and has more than 1.5 million members worldwide.

Obelisk Support

Obelisk Support is an award-winning business that pools together extremely able ex-City lawyers to provide high quality, adaptable and affordable legal support to law firms and in-house teams globally.
Through its flexible business model, lawyers can be placed with clients on an interim basis, or can work remotely for the client, either on stand-by or as backup legal advisers.
The business is also a leading provider of multi-lingual lawyer-led linguistic services to support our clients' legal translation and foreign document review requirements.


Onfido delivers next-generation identity verification and background checks, helping businesses across the world onboard more users while reducing dropout and fraud. Powered by machine-learning technology, Onfido is the fast and simple way for businesses to verify identities online - to ensure that someone is who they claim to be - and run adverse history searches such as Criminal and Anti-Money Laundering checks. Built for an online world, Onfido helps over 1,000 clients globally run checks remotely and at scale - ranging from online banks onboarding customers to sharing and on-demand companies onboarding users.
Founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurs from Oxford University, Onfido has grown to a team of 145 and has received over $30m in funding from investors including Salesforce Ventures, CrunchFund, Idinvest Partners and angel investors Brent Hoberman (co-founder, and Hank Vigil (VP of Strategy, Microsoft). Its mission: build the trust engine to power human interactions worldwide.


Pavegen is a pioneering clean-tech company, founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, headquartered in London. Pavegen produces flooring tiles that generate energy from the weight of people’s footsteps using electro-magnetic induction, also capturing data.
Since Pavegen's inception, we have installed over 100 projects worldwide. Our international projects range from creating the world's first people-powered football pitch in a favela in Rio, through to lighting the corridor in Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, and a dance floor in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York. Other clients include Coca-Cola, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Adidas and more.
From an idea that began in Laurence’s bedroom in 2009 in Brixton, Pavegen has escalated into a technology that has the potential to energise the smart-cities of the future. Inspired to make our urban spaces more sustainable, Laurence is determined to create a new technology that redefines how we think about renewable energy.

PCA Predict

PCA Predict is a privately owned software company which has led most of the major innovations in address validation since it was founded in 2001. Its service, which is sold under the Capture+ brand, removes a key friction point in the checkout process by making it quicker and easier for customers to complete their details when registering or paying for goods purchased online.
Capture+ has been a huge commercial success helping PCA Predict become one of the leading customer experience services in ecommerce, with over 10,000 customers including over 40% of the top 500 UK ecommerce brands.
The company has recently rebranded to account for its increasing focus on predictive services which are designed to change behaviour in the customer journey, as well as to capitalise on the under exploited opportunity which it believes exists in the US validation market.


Rocketseed is the foremost leader globally in providing everyday email branding. Rocketseed handles over a billion emails per year, has over 110,000 paying users worldwide and helps some of the biggest global brands ensure outgoing email is supercharged, generates insightful data, acts as a datum to consistency and achieves a 99% open rate.
If you’ve sent emails – whatever their subject, whatever the email platform, whatever the device - Rocketseed would have turned them into sales, leads, web traffic or social follows. Whatever brand engagement your company needs.
Rocketseed’s proprietary tech makes every email promote, protect and profit your brand in ways that are creative, campaignable and always have a clear and clickable ‘call to action’. Each dynamic and interactive element can be targeted, tested and tracked – the most relevant message reaching the right recipient at the right time.

SEaB Energy

SEaB Energy has developed an award-winning technology that allows waste to be converted into useable energy right at the point where the waste is generated and the energy required. Instead of paying haulage and gate-fees to deal with your organic waste, our Flexibuster technology will allow your organization to simply and practically start generating your own electricity and heat from your own waste.
Our tried-and-tested anaerobic digesters are now available as a containerized solution that can be delivered to site ready to plug-and–play. Once installed, they will efficiently process anything from 1000lbs to 6000lbs of organic waste on a daily basis which means lower waste-disposal costs, lower carbon emissions and free, renewable energy with high value fertilizer as a by-product. Flexibuster is aimed at the food manufacturing, catering, hospitality and agricultural sectors as well as any public sector organization producing organic waste.


Screendragon is a cloud-based process, resource & project management software for high performance marketing & agency teams. We support intelligent form workflow for dispersed project teams delivering faster and more effective decision making. Screendragon goes beyond single purpose generic storage systems to support specific marketing processes. Brand owners increase oversight from concept development, through campaign planning down to the storage and sharing of finalised assets. We do this through the “amalgam” of People, Projects & Process delivering greater Performance & Profitability.
Screendragon customers include the world’s largest brands & agencies. These include Kellogg’s, BP, Kimberly Clark, Chase Bank and Microsoft and the marketing communications groups that serve them including WPP, Interpublic and Omnicom.


Shopitize is a unique mobile marketing and analytics platform that enables brands and retailers to serve smart offers directly to shoppers. It helps brands and retailers to establish direct relationships with shoppers, grow sales and drive loyalty. The offers delivered to shoppers’ phones can be redeemed in-store in real time, without point-of-sale (‘POS’) integration.
Shopitize has developed a suite of marketing and analytics products and solutions based on the core technology. In addition to the core technology, Shopitize can also deliver ancillary Marketing Services such as strategy /planning, media, creative, campaign management, bespoke technology developments and analytics/reporting.
Shopitize products and solutions provide brands and retailers a smarter way to deliver traditional and proven marketing tactics and mechanics such as supporting product launches, product promotions, sampling campaigns, sweepstakes, ‘Buy 1, Get 1 For Free’, competitions and loyalty programmes. The products and solutions are either supporting short-term one-off campaigns, or are based on a long-term integrated partnership with the customer.


Sky-Futures incorporate drones into the business operations of enterprise clients for the inspection and analysis of vertical infrastructure. We provide training to safely fly drones and capture repeatable data; industry specific software to plan and prepare flights, risk assessments and method statements; cloud based secure portal where data is stored and accessed in 3D and custom tools to build standardized reports in 1/3 of the conventional time.
Our web based workbench tools measure anomalies, cracks and other problems; uniquely identify images for fast comparison and searching historical or new data sets and enable forecasting of trends for preventative maintenance.
Sky-Futures have 5 years experience providing a managed service to the O&G industry globally including the first offshore drone inspection in the Gulf of Mexico. This deep understanding and proven software is now available to enterprise clients and partners on a SaaS basis. US clients include ExxonMobil, Chevron and Oceaneering.


Takumi is the easiest way for brands to get branded, high-quality, user-generated content on social media, through our vetted network of micro-influencers. We enable brands to tap into the everyday creativity of local influencers at scale.
The Takumi platform manages the brand campaign from end to end, including identifying and notifying the influencers, negotiating the reward, approving the content, licensing the content, paying out the reward and campaign reporting.


TradingHub provides trade surveillance tools to banks, hedge funds, asset managers, brokers, exchanges, regulator and a host of other financial institutions. TradingHub's Market Abuse Surveillance Tool (MAST) identifies market abuse such as insider trading, front running and layering/spoofing. The Rogue Trader Metrics System (RTMS) identifies unauthorized trading, fraud and rogue trading at global investment banks. TradingHub also has a PM / Trader Profiling tool that identifies good and bad behaviours of PMs and Traders.
TradingHub is the only trade surveillance provider in the world that can analyse all asset classes and all product types. TradingHub's current clients including leading global investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers and regulators. A large proportion of TradingHub's clients are US based.

translate plus

translate plus is an award-winning B2B language services and technology company. Our aim is to enable organizations around the world to communicate effectively in any language and any medium. In addition to revolutionary software solutions, such as our i plus® translation management platform and associated APIs, we offer a full range of services, including translation, interpreting, desktop publishing, transcription, voiceover and website localization, in over 200 languages, covering all industry verticals.
Founded in 2008, and recently named as one of the Mayor of London’s 10 International Growth Heroes, the business now has over 130 full-time employees and a directly-managed network of over 11,000 translators around the world, with key locations in London (our headquarters), Aarhus, Düsseldorf, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm and Tokyo. With an annual turnover of over $10m, we are now looking to open an office in New York and significantly grow our US business.


Verticly is a leading marketing attribution and one to one conversion platform. It enables brands and retailers to connect with individual consumers through the media they use to deliver personalized messages and offers that drive purchase, both offline and online.
The platform is currently used by the world’s largest media companies and brands including the largest WPP / Group M and second largest advertiser Unilever to link advertising to in store spend. As CPGs are responsible for 25% of all ad spend, not being able to close the loop between the advertising and purchase is a multi billion-dollar problem worth solving.
The platform converts any marketing touch-point such as a simple hash-tag or mobile advert into a brand experience which can deliver customer footfall that can be tracked across over 95% of US grocery retailers with individual retargeting across social media. Using real world buying data the platform finds customers that look just like the brands best purchasers. This all happens in real time, a first in advertising.

Yoyo Wallet

Yoyo Wallet, founded in 2013 in London by Alain Falys and Michael Rolph, is a mobile-first payment, loyalty and personalised marketing platform for retailers, brands, and the consumers they want to serve.
For consumers, Yoyo is a smartphone app that enables mobile payment, the automatic collection of points, digital stamps and itemized receipts specific to each retailer. Consumers can spend their accrued loyalty in-app on rewards of their choosing, whilst also enjoying personalised offers and discounts from brands.
For retailers, Yoyo acts as an insight engine that delivers customer basket-level data, segmentation, insights into preferences and behaviours and a mobile-first marketing platform to deliver targeted campaigns through. Yoyo is currently Europe’s fastest growing mobile wallet.