Welcome to Cohort 14

London & Partners is proud to welcome 75 of London’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs to the Mayor’s International Business Programme. The programme offers mentoring, expert advice and real business opportunities for high growth companies who want to expand overseas.

Covering Urban, Creative, Life Sciences and Financial, Business Services and Tech (FBST) sectors, the scaleup companies in this year’s Autumn cohort have huge potential for growth internationally. This cohort include Charanga, an award-winning UK-based provider of digital music teaching and learning programmes to schools; Safe & The City, a street-smart app navigating on safety, not speed, while enabling data-driven decisions to change the communities we walk through; VividQ, a UK-based deep tech software company with world-leading expertise in 3D holography and C the Signs, an award-winning digital tool that uses artificial intelligence mapped with the latest evidence to identify patients at risk of cancer at the earliest and most survivable stage of the disease.

All of our companies will have the opportunity to join international trade missions, learn from some of the UK’s most successful business leaders and follow a tailored curriculum to develop a unique internationalisation strategy for their business.

To find out more about our full list of companies joining the programme, please see below for website links:

23red | AB Publishing | ABAKA | Accredit Solutions | Aiden.ai | Aircharge | AiX Trade | Appetite Creative Solutions | Artiq | AskPorter | Audoo | Automata Technologies | Biomni  | BOTTLETOP | Cambridge Spark | causaLens | Centtrip | Charanga  | C the Signs  | Curvestone | DawBell Ltd | Ekimetrics  | Eventcube | doppel | Faxi | Fika | Fiskl | Flight Club Darts | futurefactor | GalaxkeyHokodo  | IDWorks | Immense Simulations | Impero | Incube | Infabode | INFLUENT Media | JigTalk App Limited  | Judopay | Juno Legal | Kare Knowledgeware | KheironKiNDEO | Lineten | Lobster IT Limited | LYS Technologies | Metrikus | Mind Of My Own Ltd  | MTArt Agency | Neudata | Navigate Digital | Nitrous | Old St Labs (T/A Vizibl)Panaseer  | PepperHQ  | Pigzbe | Pirkx | Plan Strategic | RevLifter | Safe & The City | skignz | Spaceagency Design  | Space Group | Smart Pension | Spoon Guru | Spyras  | St Luke's Communications | Structure | Tailster | Testhouse | Tug | VividQ | Wayin | White Label Creative | Yourkeys